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Now, what have you got here?
The Kit consists of a printable planner and an online content planner and scheduler. The printable planner will be your every day companion for jotting down ideas and tracking your progress. You can download it by clicking on the download button above, print it out and use it as is.

The online planner is created in Airtable, a free online platform that is taking online data collection and content creation by storm and is considered the next big thing for content creation. It is a relational database, very easy and intuitive to use, much simpler and much more effective than spreadheets. I am totally in love with it!

Before you can start using it you need to register for a free (forever free) account with Airtable. After you have confirmed your email address, you will be able to log in. When logged in, click on the Airtable Social Media Planner download button on this page. It will open in a new window. To be able to edit and make it yours, click 'COPY' in the right upper corner of the base. This will copy it into your workspace where you can change it to your liking. You can change the colors, rename it, and adapt it to your needs. It will make it easy for you to organize and schedule all of your social media posts.

Wishing You Happy Social Media :)
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