This is a book about hope, courage and wisdom. 62 authors, experts, visionaries, enterpreneurs from around the world have chosen to share their words of encouragement with the world.

We published this book for you, who may be at the brink of despair in these challenging times. We also wrote it for you, who may be aware that there is opportunity within every challenge.

In early Spring 2020 when Covid-19 hit, our lives changed, possibly forever.

People were experiencing fear, uncertainty and despair as they saw their day-to-day routines, along with their livelihoods disappear in front of their eyes.

However, amidst all this anxiety and concern, there were those of us with messages of encouragement and hope, sharing them with our friends, student and clients, sending inspired emails and posting on social media…wherever we could find possible avenues for sharing our message.

Voices of resilience. Voices of strength. Voices of courage.

Some messages were focused on acceptance, some on health, some on forging new ways forward in business. All valuable pieces of the puzzle, scattered around different media. That’s when the idea for the Ready to Rise Project was born.

Helen Vandenberghe, the initiator of the project, pulled us together, offering a place to collect our kind words of encouragement, our tips and pearls of wisdom, and to share them with the wider world… and so the ‘Ready to Rise’ book project began.

We put the pen to paper to write heartfelt stories and nuggets of advice. 

A mere 21 days later and the book was ready to be published – a testimony to how rapidly things can change, and how brilliantly people can pull together.

We hope this book gives you a little encouragement, insight and hope – so you can change your life for the better, possibly forever.

For a few days you can buy it for a heavily discounted price, then the price will rise.

All the proceeds from the book will go to charity and fundraising for organizations that are working tirelessly to help us win the battle with the pandemics and to better the quality of everyone’s lives.

We thank you for sharing this message of hope with all those who might need it.