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Whirling Happiness

Happy I sincerely believe that part of being a good therapist is to constantly work on oneself, that part of being a good teacher is to keep learning new things and part of being a leader is to be vulnerable. Since I adopted these three guidelines in my life I was rewarded by a great sense of inner peace and discovered that what I can give people grew immensely. A new doorway opened within me that has led me even deeper into discovering who I really was and what was possible for me and for people I work with. I…

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The Elephants That Came to Dinner A story about coexisting and building trust between the species This is a story about coexisting and building trust between species. It is also a story about a mango tree. When people built a lodge around a large mango tree in Africa, they weren't aware that for generations this mango tree was a source of food for the elephants in the region. They just built a lodge in a place they liked, as we humans do. Unlike the humans the animals knew about the importance of the mango tree. They knew the path to the sweet fruit and could…

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Encountering Another Being Encountering Another Being What is a real encounter? When was the last time we really encountered another being? Not just casually saying 'Hi' and going our way as if nothing happened but truly connecting in silence and feeling each other's heartbeat ... We are longing for a deep connection and yet it seems to evade us. We keep hurrying through life almost as if we were afraid to stop and meet each other. I am talking about the kind of meeting where time stops, where there is great intensity of presence in the silence between the thoughts ... where…

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