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Ready to Rise – A Book of Hope And Encouragement

This is a book about hope, courage and wisdom. 62 authors, experts, visionaries, enterpreneurs from around the world have chosen to share their words of encouragement with the world. We published this book for you, who may be at the brink of despair in these challenging times. We also wrote it for you, who may be aware that there is opportunity within every challenge. In early Spring 2020 when Covid-19 hit, our lives changed, possibly forever. People were experiencing fear, uncertainty and despair as they saw their day-to-day routines, along with their livelihoods disappear in front of their eyes. However, amidst all…

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Breathe Breathe Connect with your Self, leave everything else behind. Build your energy. Build your strength. Build your Self-confidence. Then enter the waters of change, slowly, allowing your body and mind to adapt. Staying present with it. Feeling how it reacts. It's a dialog, the holding of balance between the before and after, between inner and outer. BREATHING, BALANCE, FOCUS. This is how you approach any challenge. 'Breathe' is a short film by the young director Yohann Grignou featuring the intimate experience of Fons, a cold water diver. Through the prism of black and white images shot between Greenland and…

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Alike or Alive These lines really got me: Kid: Too late??? You are just afraid!!!! Adult: Aren't you ever afraid? Kid: I'm afraid of giving up my dreams when I grow up. How about you? Are you afraid of giving up on your dreams when you grow up? Or are you already a grown-up? Where have you left your dreams then? Were you too busy to care or do you think they don't matter? Sometimes the world spins so fast around us that we hardly notice how life is slipping by without warning. Everything seems urgent and more important than us, our…

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Whirling Happiness

Happy I sincerely believe that part of being a good therapist is to constantly work on oneself, that part of being a good teacher is to keep learning new things and part of being a leader is to be vulnerable. Since I adopted these three guidelines in my life I was rewarded by a great sense of inner peace and discovered that what I can give people grew immensely. A new doorway opened within me that has led me even deeper into discovering who I really was and what was possible for me and for people I work with. I…

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