Connect with your Self, leave everything else behind. Build your energy. Build your strength. Build your Self-confidence. Then enter the waters of change, slowly, allowing your body and mind to adapt. Staying present with it. Feeling how it reacts. It’s a dialog, the holding of balance between the before and after, between inner and outer.

BREATHING, BALANCE, FOCUS. This is how you approach any challenge.

‘Breathe’ is a short film by the young director Yohann Grignou featuring the intimate experience of Fons, a cold water diver. Through the prism of black and white images shot between Greenland and Isère (France), this film recounts the introspective approach, thoughts and feelings of a man passionate about intense meditative moments. This intense experience reveals the interconnected relationship of the body and mind, unsuspected human strength and resources, and balance achieved through mindfulness.

Whatever happens, breathe. Breathing is the key.

Breath means life. How deep do you breathe? How fully do you live?

Go on, step by step. Breathe deeply, live fully, take life all in, emerge yourself in it, no matter how cold, no matter the circumstances. The circumstances pass. You prevail and go on.