These lines really got me:

Kid: Too late??? You are just afraid!!!!

Adult: Aren’t you ever afraid?

Kid: I’m afraid of giving up my dreams when I grow up.

How about you? Are you afraid of giving up on your dreams when you grow up? Or are you already a grown-up? Where have you left your dreams then? Were you too busy to care or do you think they don’t matter?

Sometimes the world spins so fast around us that we hardly notice how life is slipping by without warning. Everything seems urgent and more important than us, our dreams, our joys, our passions.

You know what I have found out? That urgency is a big fat lie. Apart of appendicitis and heart attack, where you really need to act fast and urgently provide help, there is nothing truly urgent.

Busyness is an excuse to procrastinate on your dreams

Busyness is an excuse to procrastinate on your dreams. When everything gets in the way of you writing that book that you want to write, or calling a dear friend that you miss talking to, or painting or dancing or communing with nature – it is procrastination disguised as busyness.

Busyness is supposed to be good, bring you forward in life and make those around you acknowledge you for your efforts. You know what? They seldom do. They just enjoy the fruits of your labour and bring on even more tasks.

When urgent tasks are being thrown at you or when you are being pressed for a fast decision, there is alway some kind of manipulation in place, not necessarilly conscious, but still a manipulation that pressures you to adapt to someone else’s schedule or plan. They have learned to delegate their concerns and make you responsible for taking care of them. And you take it on, because you are responsible. Because you are better than them. Because you are very capable, because… Oh my…

It doesn’t take long for you to find yourself on the hamsterwheel of busyness and overwhelm, spinning faster and faster and faster… and who would dare to jump from this rollercoaster of responsibility, fear, guilt and inner pressure at this insane speed?

Unless you…

Learn how to Live

…remember the story about an indigenous man who was taken to a big city for the first time. They put him on the back seat of a modern fast car, the newest model, they said proudly and took off on the long road to the city, driving faster and faster and faster, until…

The man that kept looking in the back mirror, suddenly shouted: STOP IMMEDIATELY! STOP!!!”

“What is wrong with you”, asked the driver, “Why do you want me to stop? And why do you keep looking into the rear mirror?”

“Just stop! I need to get out. My soul has been left behind,” replied the indigenous man.

There may be a moment in your life in the future, when you will remember this story and do as the old sage did – step out of the vicious circle of urgency and busyness, take back your soul and reunite with your dreams. Maybe learn to play a violin or write that book that you carry in your heart. Or just work with ease, following your own tempo, aligned with your own inner rhytm.

Because nothing is really urgent. Urgency is a big fat lie, my friend.

Have a good life and trust your dreams.

Do What Makes Your Soul Shine