Building A World Of Oneness From The  Upside Down ;) - And From The Inside Out

Imagine a world of oneness and diversity, 
Where all are equal yet different, 
Where everybody is free to be 
Unique expressions of consciousness; 
Where joyful presence is the new norm and 
Where new ways of being are emerging effortlessly 
From joyful curiosity ...

What if this was possible NOW? 

- Metka Lebar
Reconnect To The Source
Align With Your Essence 
Relate In Oneness 
Co-Create A New World 

We are not really disconnected from the Source, the illusion of separation is one of the greatest lies we live in. However we have forgotten that we are one, which makes us scared and alone. Re-connection to the Source is about remembering inherent divinity and oneness with all that is. 

 Why are we many and not just one? Why are we different and not all the same?
Has it ever crossed your mind that your being unique might be the purpose of life?
When you live aligned with your true essence you find yourself at your rightful place in life.that nobody else could occupy. You are irreplaceable. You are needed exactly as you are. If you don't occupy your place there will be  a hole in the fabrics of creation.


The world is born in relationship. The little difference that makes a difference gives birth to motion and makes creation possible. Relationships open portals to new realities and windows to new perspectives on life. They amplify energy and multiply love.


When we are one with the source and aligned with our true essence, occupying our rightful place in creation and in relationship with other autonomous beings in oneness we are co-creating a new world by our very being. Through our choices and interactions we weave an intricate web of energies that is alive and ever changing. Where our unique essence meets with that of another, new qualities are born and new possibilities actualized. We were meant to be conscious creators. It is our birthright. And it is time …
Building A World Of Oneness From The Inside Out 
Metka Lebar 
METKA LEBAR is the author of the forthcoming book The Teachings Of the Inner Temple and co-author of bestselling books The Colors Of Now and Transformations. Her mission is to help people discover and activate their hidden potential and to usher in the age of oneness. She is a life and creativity coach, healer, mystic, consciousness facilitator and workshop leader with years of experience, deep esoteric knowledge and a tender heart.
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